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PET Blow Molding Machine With Different Capacity And Characteristics

PET blow molding machine with different capacity and characteristics

PET blow molding machine can use single cavity, double cavity, 3 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity, 8 cavity for optional, so as to get different production capacity.

Also semi-auto and full automatic type for choose.


PET blow molding machine has the following characteristics:

1.Heating Road and Blowing Platform Separate, shorten the time of mold opening, improve the blowing speed, increase the yield;

2.compact design saves space, reduces investment costs and improves competitiveness;

3.automatic conveying system;

 4.advanced PLC control system; intelligent computer control design

 5.Simple and simple linear operation system;

 6.unique heating system, accurate temperature control, easy adjustment;

7.finished product scrap rate of less than 0.3%;

8. cooling system can achieve the desired cooling effect;

9. Each action is driven by the pneumatic cylinder rather than the oil pump, no pollution;

10.unique air storage device.

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