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Injection Molding Machine Industry Demand Changes

Injection molding machine industry demand changes

Injection molding machines are widely used in the manufacturing sector, in the packaging, home, home appliances, automobiles, 3C and other manufacturing parts of the production process are very important.

Due to the diversity of requirements, the performance requirements of injection molding machines are also different, on the other hand, modern servo motor and integrated electronics technology continues to mature, led the continuous improvement of the technical level of injection molding machine. Continued technological progress is a necessary condition for enterprises to maintain their market competitiveness for a long time. Injection molding machine industry demand in 2000 since the sales growth rate of more than 10%. From the industry as a whole, a single industry impact on the demand for injection molding machine is limited, the demand for injection molding machine has a significant impact on manufacturing investment. Since the second half of 2016, manufacturing investment growth began to pick up, injection molding machine as an important spare parts manufacturing equipment, manufacturing investment rebound directly led to industry demand growth.

Future Outlook: Demand for manufacturing industry with toughness, some sub-sectors demand more Aspect In the future demand continuity judgment, we believe that manufacturing demand is expected to be updated demand and manufacturing investment in these two aspects of support. One is to update the demand and capacity to upgrade the role of the backing; the second is a real improvement in manufacturing investment, corporate capital spending to expand. Micro, 3C, home appliances, automobiles and other downstream sub-industry is expected to continue to maintain strong demand.

With the increasing competitiveness of the domestic injection molding machine industry, China's plastics machinery market localization rate is also rising, in 2015, the localization rate has reached 81% (plastic machinery industry yearbook data). At the same time, from 2006 to 2015, China's exports of plastic machinery increased year by year, the trade deficit shrinking and in 2012, trade surplus, since then continue to expand. China's plastic machinery production is also gradually gain more international market share.