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Angle Injection Molding Machine

Angle injection molding machine injection screw axis and mold clamping mechanism of the axis of movement perpendicular to each other, its advantages and disadvantages between vertical and horizontal. Because of its injection direction and mold parting surface in the same plane, so the angle injection molding machine for opening the side gate of the asymmetric geometric shape of the mold or forming center is not allowed to leave the gate of the product.

Two - color injection molding machine

Can be a one-time injection of two color injection molding machine, to meet the consumer's appearance requirements, allowing users to use the product more comfortable.

Multi-station molding machine

The injection device and the clamping device has two or more working positions, but also the injection device and the mold clamping device arranged in a variety of ways.

Electric injection molding machine

All-electric injection molding machine can not only meet the needs of special purposes, but also more than ordinary injection molding machine advantages.

Another advantage of the all-electric injection molding machine is that it can reduce the noise, which not only benefits the workers, but also reduces the cost of investment and construction in the sound insulation production workshop.