Plastic PVC Compression Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow Injection Mould

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Plastic PVC compression pipe fitting 90 degree elbow injection mould



Our Advantage for customized PVC pipes fitting injection mold:

We can design and make molds with high quality and low cost.

We have special mold technical project engineer for every project.

And we will take charge of following things:

Follow up every process of the whole project, to make sure mould production is 100% according to client.

Make sure to reply every customer question promptly.

Keep in touch with customer closely, inform customer of the problem in time when any problem occurs, and provide solution for customer reference.

Project analysis: We do detail analysis for every new project, to make sure the project will be finished according to customer quality requirement in time. And our mould analysts early predict the possible problem and prepare precautions accordingly, so mould production time and cost can be saved for customer.

Professional mould team: We have own R&D team, design team and analysis team. We can R&D own product, design drawings for customers and analysis project value.

Service: We can provide plastic & metal parts and assembly, providing a broad range of service from design, molding, stamping, rapid prototype , precision machining, assembly, mold-testing, and final package.

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