Hot Runner Disposable High Speed Thin-wall Injection Mould

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Hot Runner disposable high speed Thin-wall injection mould



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 We choose S136 stainless steel to ensure its good polish and life guarantee.

Our mould base which is measured to standard mould base and standard mould frame, for standard structure can be easily found in every country, thus it will be easy for the customers to do the maintenance.  

We can use 2738 or 718 mold steel, HRC 35-38, we can also use 2311 or P20, HRC 29-30, we can also use 2738, S136, the mold steel depend on the your requirement of the mold life and the product quality. In order to have a good cooling effect, we can add the copper of the top of the core and the bottom of the cavity, which will reduce the cycle time. Besides, cooling line will around the buckets wall of the plastic injection molds. We use hot runner point gate for small plastic injection pail molds, hot runner direct gate for bigger buckets molds, using variable hot runner direct gate for the biggest plastic injection buckets molds. We company can also offer you the related plastic injection molding machines and the related auxiliary machines.


Our service:

2D&3D mold design (CAD, UG, Solidworks, ProE, etc, 2D drawing: DXF, DWG, PDF file, 3D model: IGS, PRT,X-T, e-drawing for free.)

Mold flow analysis report

Weekly report for progress.

ISIR (Sample Inspection Report)

Mold trial, process sheet

Pilot production

Mass production


Packing & Delivery arrangement


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