Plastic Spoon Making Machine Price

Plastic Spoon Making Machine Price
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shenzhou plastic spoon making machine  , clamping, hydraulic pressure, electric controlling parts are designed by our professional technical engineers, with our carefully manufacture and assemble already enhance plasticizing system, 5-point twin toggle clamping system by modular optimization software designing.Strong clamping with rapid and stable, to meet the strict clamping condition.  


Plastic spoon making machine main technical specification 

Screw diameter               45mm- 55mm

Screw L/D ratio               23.3 - 19.1

Shot weight                  326g - 486g

Injection capacity             358 cm3 - 534cm3

Injection pressure             219Mpa - 147Mpa

Theoretical injection rate       142g/s- 212g/s

Plastic capacity               20.1g/s-34.2g/s

Plastic spoon products details :