Plastic Paint Bucket Making Machine Price

Plastic Paint Bucket Making Machine Price
Product Details

we are plastic paint bucket manufacturer in china , we are able

to produce from clamping force 2000kn to 5000kn and shot weight

from 1225g to 1600g injection molding machine for making from

4Litre to 25 Litre plastic paint bucket .


Plastic paint bucket making machine main technical specification 

1/ Screw diameter                70mm—80mm

2/ Screw L/D ratio               22.6—19.7

3/ Shot weight                   1225gram—1600gram

4/ Injection capacity            1346cm3—1758cm3

5/ Injection pressure            201Mpa— 154Mpa

6/ Theoretical injection rate    370g/s — 484g/s

7/ Plastic capacity              60.4 g/s — 83.7g/s

8/ Space between tie bars        760mm×760mm

9/ Mould height                  280mm-790mm

10/Clamping force                4800kn

We have a professional and experience team , to make sure good 

quality of every componentof machine . All of them are assembly

by over 10 years experienced workers.