Bottle Cap Automatic Making Injection Machine

Bottle Cap Automatic Making Injection Machine
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     Standard Features of SZ-Series Injection Molding Machine


LCD computer controller with precise machine movement control


Pressure-flow proportional valve.


Hard chrome plated high tensile strength steel tie bars


Generous space for fitting large moulds


Large opening stroke.


Two transducers to control Clamping and Injection


Four stages of injecting, independent velocity and pressure control.


Hydraulic mould height adjustment device.


Screw cold-start prevention device.


10 Melt decompression control.


11 Screw back pressure control


12 Multiple hydraulic ejections.


13 Differential area high speed clamping.


14 Centralized lubrication system.


15 Low pressure mould protection device


16 Mechanical safety interlock


17 Double electrical safety interlock


18 Oil return filter


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