Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Of Injection Molding Machine

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Hydraulic solenoid valve of injection molding machine


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Hydraulic power units are Yuken type cast iron hydraulic valve designed to meet the needs of the machine, rather than the machine being designed to meet the needs of the fluid power system. Installation costs are usually dramatically reduced.


Leaks are stopped. Manifolds with O-ring fitting ports eliminate external leakage, which frequently prohibited the use of hydraulics in many applications.  There is no universally-right method for installation. Cartridge circuits in custom manifolds offer unequalled flexibility.

SHENZHOU is both a supplier of custom integrated circuit manifolds and a supporter of our Distributors and customers who design and fabricate their own manifolds.


We are pleased to provide our customers with a variety of associated hardware, commonly used in custom integrated manifold design, often difficult to obtain cost-effectively in lower quantities.

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